Kforce DOT Watch Officer in Washington, District Of Columbia

Kforce has a client in search of a DOT Watch Officer in Washington, District of Columbia (DC).Specific tasks to be performed by the Contractor include:

  • Work with fellow watch officers as a team in monitoring the status of the National Transportation System, reporting incidents, accidents or threats to the system's integrity and evaluate the potential impacts these events may have on the transportation infrastructure that could lead to critical events and crisis/emergency situations

  • Obtain information from a wide variety of communications equipment including e-mail, telephone, fax, secure fax, high frequency radio, and satellite phone; When sending information, the contractor shall be responsible for determining the appropriate method of communication and using the proper format, priority, and distribution means as specified in the CMC Standard Operating Procedures

  • Contribute to the efforts of the DOT by forwarding items of interest to CMC leadership for review

  • Develop and maintain close working relations with watch officers from other federal and state agencies; He/she promotes DOT as the focal and central point of exchange for products and information

  • Continually learn better watch standing skills through review and presentation of -best practice- changes to operations and information SOPs, checklists, and other administrative processes and procedures

  • Oversee preparation and distribution of critical reports and alerts; As events occur, senior DOT staff may request briefings that summarize the significant issues posed by the events for the Secretary of Transportation, the White House, congressional leadership, or other department/agency management; Staff selected by the contractor may conduct these briefings or provide support to the CMC Manager for the briefings

  • Must meet the suitability requirements to obtain access to the DOT computer network, classified networks, and DOT facilities

  • All watch personnel shall have prior operations center experience and have experience operating classified communications equipment; Watch staff shall be required to demonstrate proficiency in CMC procedures within 3 months of beginning training by passing a certification board

Watch personnel shall demonstrate the following:

  • Experience operating classified communications equipment: 1 year

  • Prior operations center: 1 year

  • Ability to fully operate the standard Microsoft Office suite of tools to include: Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

  • Proficiency in using digital map programs to produce incident specific maps for reporting

  • Ability to operate classified communications equipment including classified fax machines, satellite telephones, and Secured Terminal Equipment (STE)

  • Ability to write grammatically correct and technically proficient reports for review by Senior Officials

  • Ability to analyze incoming information, determine its relevance and importance, and route it appropriately

  • Ability to determine and research appropriate facts to be included in incident reports

  • Ability to operate secure and non-secure video teleconferencing equipment

  • Ability to provide clear concise and factually accurate incident briefs to senior officials both in person, via phone, or email

  • Ability to easily operate telephones including call transfers, conference calls, speaker phone, and headsets

Kforce is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.Compensation Type:Years